Sonja Knecht

Ich bin Texterin. Sprache ist mein Werkstoff. Ich unterstütze Firmen, Institutionen und Einzelpersonen (auch als Text-Coach und beratend) in ihrer Selbstbeschreibung. Als Expertin für Unternehmenskommunikation übersetze ich, was sie sagen wollen. Am liebsten schreibe ich über Buchstaben, Satzzeichen, Schrift: deren interkulturelle Implikationen und die Menschen, die damit zu tun haben. Es geht mir immer darum, dass und wie wir (mit) Sprache gestalten.

Manchmal halte ich Vorträge, wie diesen über Text in Not (28 min).


I am a writer. And a writing coach. I am fascinated about how we design (with) language.

Supporting institutions, students, design agencies, their clients, and individuals in their communication, I condense complex issues via text. I find the right words and ways for what you want to say. This results in brand books, blogs and other corporate media; I work also in identity and change processes, naming and campaigns. I provide a clear mind, first class German, excellent English, Spanish de niña (including translations). I was born in Indonesia, lived in Venezuela, Franconia and Hamburg; Berlin is my home.

Most interesting to me are the (inter-)cultural aspects of Schrift. This is why I write about type and type people, letters and language. These texts are to be found on platforms such as TYPO Talks, FontShop News, MyFonts.de, Slanted, Typographica, in the printed German Typojournal and in the 365typo Yearbook.

My roots are in classical copywriting and corporate storytelling. I was Edenspiekermann’s Director Text and established their blog (2008–2014). In 2011 I began to write for TYPO Berlin; today I head their editorial team of 30 people and I moderate at the conference (also monthly at Creative Mornings Berlin).

Please see my profile as a Speakerin (DE/EN).
Frequently I teach and talk about text (film 22 min).
Some thoughts about writing (ATypI interview 2016, 9 min).

Projects, consulting, teaching and ongoing work for:

Ampelmann | Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin | Berzin Archives | Bikini Berlin | Bosch | Deutsche Bank | Deutsche Post | DHL | Edenspiekermann | Erik Spiekermann | FontShop | Gestalten | Hering Berlin | IKEA Stiftung | Mercedes-Benz | Messe Frankfurt | Moccu | Monotype | Ottobock | Oxfam Deutschland | Postbank | State | TYPO International Design Talks | UdK (University of the Arts) Berlin | Volkswagen

Plus, I am a proud host of the one and only Typostammtisch Berlin.